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The Mailing List is online!

Hi Y'all,
Sven my tireless site builder, administrator and general do-gooder has worked for the last two nights to get me up and running with my very own mailing list! It's not perfect yet he says but fully functional, so give yourselves an extra gift for the holiday season, and sign up here:
The newsletter mailing list will get you periodic news from me. Might be days or weeks in between mailings, but I sincerely hope you will find pearls of EFT in them useful.
Happy holidays, and keep tapping, this will be the greatest gift to you and your loved ones!

...runny noses, sore throats... the last couple of days I've seen a bunch of runny noses and heard about sore throats among my friends and at my kids' preschool. Try tapping when you just start feeling the first symptoms - and avoid catching that virus by boosting your immune system this way! This works on kids, too.

Stay healthy, good luck,Heike ;o)

Refer a friend and receive a 20% discount on your next session

...And here is another great way to receive a 20% discounted session: Tell your friends about your experience with EFT, help them find a way to help themselves. Any new client who finds EFT (and me ;o)  through you earns you a 20% discount for your next session!
Cheers, Heike

The web site is live!

Hello!I am freshly back from the amazingly inspiring EFT course with Lindsay Kenny in Mill Valley, and full of motivation. This is happening! So let's announce it: TADA! The web site is live!